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Better Care.
Better Outcomes.

Strive MedTech reduces care team burden and promotes optimal patient outcomes. Our virtual care platform provides essential information for care teams and means a patient need never feel alone.

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Collection of Strive products showcased as a preview to the provider portal, the mobile app, and the sensors

Strive MedTech

Transforming the

Healthcare Experience through Technology

How It Works

Strive Provider Web Portal graphs
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Enhances Patient


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Optimizes Clinician


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Prescription Refills

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Our patient app, provider portal, and wearable devices activate patient monitoring through preoperative, surgical and postoperative care. Working with Strive means maximizing support for patients and care teams.

How Strive MedTech

Strengthens Your Practice and Healthcare System

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App screenshot showing exercise range of motion


Studies show Strive patients are much more likely to remain engaged throughout the continuum of care. This means better outcomes. 

Prevents Complications

The Strive platform depicts each patient’s recovery with unprecedented clarity. Care teams can automate alerts if data indicate a need to intervene.

This is Better Care. 

Preview of Provider Portal exercise compliance
Clinician hands on laptop close up

Strive technology reduces costs across the entire episode of care. Our virtual care platform reduces unnecessary office visits, optimizes the frequency of therapy sessions, and reduces complications that lead to hospital readmissions. Strive MedTech harmonizes the distinct needs of patients, payors and providers.

What real patients say about Strive

"I love the idea of having an app that allows patients to seamlessly work with doctors.

Communication is something that's very much lacking in healthcare these days. The app and you being so open about communication is very very refreshing."

Kay P
Strive Patient

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