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Bluetooth and Staying Connected to the Strive App

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Below you will find some quick solutions to keeping your sensors connected

Troubleshooting Sensors that will not Remain Connected


  • Unable to connect the sensors to begin exercises

  • One or both sensors disconnect during your exercises and the blue LED flashes on one or both sensors

  • Sensors do not appear in the list when trying to connect

Quick Check

  • Are your sensors charged? If the sensor LED does not blink, place your sensors on the charger for at least one hour before starting your exercises

  • Do you have bluetooth turned on in your phone settings?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi operate on the same frequency. As such, other wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth speakers can interfere with the communication of your Strive Sensors. We suggest the following to successfully complete your exercises.

  1. Move away from other devices that are connected to your phone, such as Bluetooth speakers, smart home devices, etc. Another step would be to disconnect these while connected to your Strive Sensors. Alternatively, you may turn other smart devices off while using your Strive Sensors.

  2. Bluetooth can get sticky if it is not "cleaned up" every so often. If disconnecting from other smart devices does not work, the next step is to restart your phone or tablet. If you haven't restarted your device recently, this can easily resolve a lot of Bluetooth communication issues.

  3. If you are near a WiFi router or WiFi extender, move to an area of your home that is not in the same area.

Troubleshooting Sensors that will not Connect or Disconnect


  • Unable to connect to the Strive Sensors to begin exercises

  • One sensor blinks the blue LED while the other remains green

  • Sensors do not appear in the list when trying to connect

Sometimes the sensors can get "stuck" in a state where they no longer respond to commands coming from the Strive App or from a single button press. If this happens, there are a couple of quick steps to take:

  1. In Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet, turn Bluetooth off. The sensor that was stuck with a green LED should blink blue. If not, continue to the next step!

  2. Press and hold both sensor power buttons for a slow count to 5 and then release. The green LEDs should blink once and then both should start blinking blue. If so, you're all set!

  3. If all else fails and you cannot get your devices to behave, give our support team a call!

Strive MedTech Support: 866-787-4836

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