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Exercise Reps Not Being Counted

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Troubleshooting Exercise Reps Not Being Counted


  • The Rep Counter does not increment when performing exercises as instructed

  • Sometimes the app misses a rep when performing exercises as instructed

Quick Check

  • Are your sensors charged and connected to the app? The light should be solid green on both sensors

  • Did you press orange "Begin Exercises" button after getting set up for the exercise?

It can be tricky to get aligned based on the app instructions and that’s okay! Get settled and establish your starting position as close to the instructions as possible. When the orange‘Begin Exercise’button appears, that means that you have aligned your joint precisely to the instructions. However, getting the precise alignment can be challenging for some folks, depending on where you are in your surgical journey.If ‘Begin Exercise’ never appears, tap on the ‘I can’t align my leg’button to get started. What the app is looking for is a baseline starting position to count your reps against and you want to be as close to that as possible!For ALL reps to be counted, you should do your best to tap the button when your joint is in a position that most closely matches the app instructions.

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We included two options for you to attach the sensors to your body. There are adhesive patches (white stickers) and two Velcro straps. You may choose to use the option that is most comfortable or work

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