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How My Nursing Background Helps Me Be an Effective Leader

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

During my ten-plus-year career in healthcare, I worked two years as a triage nurse. Every phase of my career has influenced my perspective, but recently I’ve begun to realize how much nursing informs what I do at Strive MedTech.

Each Individual's Situation Is Unique

Nursing taught me how meaningful it is that every patient has their own unique situation. That may sound obvious, but this understanding is essential. Only if we understand each patient’s situation can we understand the way they will need help. You simply cannot overstate how complex and diverse the challenges, resources and fears can be for each individual.

At Strive MedTech, we truly endeavor to serve both patients and care teams. Month in and month out, it gives me fresh perspective to consider the unique needs of individuals in both these groups.

Creating Community Around Patients

Recently, our team is intrigued by the formation of community around patients. It excites me to consider how many needs can be met through the activation of relationships already in a patient’s life. Technology can create an opportunity for a friend or family member to meet a unique need, and sometimes communication of that need is all it takes.

At the same time, we try to keep each unique member of a care team in mind as we consider the service we offer. When I was a nurse providing direct patient care, the work excited me most when I was working at the top of my license, so we design our technology to give providers and care teams that opportunity.

Thinking about care teams has also caused us to consider how incorporating a human element into digital care can alleviate the burden care teams carry daily.

Walter Cloud, MS, RN is a servant leader and patient advocate. Through his work with Strive MedTech, his passion is to provide better care and better outcomes, not only for the patient, but also for the family that surrounds the patient on their journey to restored health.

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