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Patients of All Ages Can Successfully Use Technology

At Strive MedTech, we work hard to support care teams and those they serve. I personally specialize in supporting our whole spectrum of patients. Some of these individuals are afraid of new technology, and I am happy to share my experience: it may take effort, but almost anyone can use our technology and significantly improve their outcome.

What is Strive Technology?

Our platform includes a patient-facing mobile app, motion-tracking sensor technology, and a care-team-facing web portal. This tech-heavy description need not cause anxiety.

Though we crafted our platform to deliver optimal information to the care team, we also kept ease-of-use in mind throughout the design process. This means even the technologically inexperienced can master the program, and thereby decrease complications and improve outcomes.

The “Technologically-Challenged” Patient: Helpful Dynamics

A few months ago, one patient told me “I’m technology challenged – I’m not going to be able to get this set up and figure out how to do it.” As the weeks went by, this patient had to admit that a few of Strive’s dynamics truly help even technological novices succeed:

1.) Clear Instructions That Are Easy to Follow

Everyone processes information differently, so we deliver instructions in multiple formats. Short videos and instructional images promote comprehension. The occasional patient starts with handouts, then progresses to email and digital images by learning at their own speed.

2.) Ongoing Support

A major goal at Strive is that no patient should feel alone in their care journey. Patients can call us when they need help, and we monitor emails constantly for any support requests that may come in. Some patients prefer to talk, while others feel more heard if they can type everything out. Many patients don’t need it, but this attentive support is an essential piece for others.

3.) An Intuitive App

We know technology can intimidate, so our platform walks patients through activities step by step. I often serve as a reassuring voice to patients, too. When patients take their time, follow the app’s prompts, and keep going, I get to speak from experience when I say, “you’ve got this!”

Older Patients Can Still Succeed

People of all ages and skill levels have successfully participated in their care through our platform. Strive serves a wide population range, but most of our patients are over 55. In a recent study, 94% of patients said Strive was easy to use and that they would do it again. Even more impressively, 100% of users said Strive had positively impacted their care.

As virtual healthcare expands, it is important not to count older patients out. If we educate these patients attentively, they too can enjoy the increased connectivity that virtual health brings to the whole population.

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